Earth and Environmental Education Center

Dr. Hoaglund  provides the following access to Earth and environmental understanding.  The courses are linked here, but most are hosted at

His instructor site at is:

His educational YouTube site is:

Below is a list of courses with their links.  Non-linked courses are in-progress or are being revised from previous university courses he has taught, and are currently not available.

Course numbering indicates an estimated scholastic level according to the numbering scheme list below.

As part of the CanWE non-profit, two first two lectures are offered for free.

Course numbering indicates an estimated scholastic level according to the numbering scheme list below.

<100 K-12

100  Ancillary information (review and applications of introductory math, chemistry, and physics)

100 to 300 Introductory to middle college level

400 to 500 Upper classman and graduate level

>600 Graduate level

  • 999 Research Advising for Environmental and Geological Investigations
  • 602 Environmental Forensics (including geochemical and isotopic methods)
  • 601 Aqueous Geochemistry  (an equilibrium approach)
  • 502 Contaminant Fate-and-Transport modeling
  • 501 Groundwater Flow Modeling
  • 475 Aqueous Geochemistry  (with focus on water quality)
  • 450 Aquifer Testing and Well Influence (with focus on wellhead protection zones)
  • 400 Hydrogeology
  • 300 Paleoclimatology and Glacial Geology
  • 202 Natural Hazards
  • 201 Environmental Geology
  • 160 Roadside Geology
  • 120 Arresting Climate Change:  a free lecture for the CanWE project
  • 110 What’s in My Water? (and where’s it from?):  a free lecture for the CanWE project
  • 109 An Environmental Trifecta: [replaced with 120 Arresting Climate Change]
  • 095 From Newton to the Neutron
  • 090 Ge-Alge-Trig: Elements of Geometry, Algebra, & Trigonometry


From Newton to the Neutron

What is the nature of matter and energy?  What is physics?  What is chemistry?  What is the difference between a chemical and nuclear reaction?  In this course, minimizing the math to emphasize the science, we study the history of the discovery of the underlying scientific concepts.

Ge-Alge-Trig: Elements of Geometry, Algebra, & Trigonometry

This free course is intended to provide a core of the mathematical skills that are used in college level science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) courses.  It is not completed and will be completed as time permits.

Arresting Climate Change

In this class we discuss carbon sequestration as a means to mitigate climate change.  The method promoted is carbon mineralization. 

This course was developed as part of mission of the non-profit Carbon Negative Water and Energy founded by Dr. John Hoaglund.

What’s in my Water … and Where is it from?

In this 9 part video series, Dr Hoaglund discusses general water chemistry and what it indicates about the water’s origins, also known as its provenance.  He then provides a perspective on water sources for Southern California, and the issues surrounding water management. 

Roadside Geology

In this ongoing course I provide itineraries on Google Maps and deliver slide and video presentations on the field geology along the route.  In the first installment, we set out from Las Vegas on a road trip through the greater Death Valley region.